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Giveaway Winner

Last week during the Runway Skirt blog tour, we had saw so many beautiful skirts!  A huge thank you to each and everyone who sewed and modeled a Runway Skirt. Make sure you didn’t miss a single day: 12/5 Day 1 12/6 Day 2 12/7 Day 3 12/8 Day 4 12/9 Day 5 And many of youContinue reading “Giveaway Winner”

Honeybee Senna Tote

Recently Aria entered her teenage years.  I’ve been sewing my children their birthday gifts for a while now (see what I made for Aria last year.)  Aria has been expressing admiration at both my Senna Tote and the miniature one I made for Annie’s Modern Chloris mini wardrobe collection, so that is what I choseContinue reading “Honeybee Senna Tote”

Nani Iro Maxi Skirt For Summer

When I made Annie a skirt from Nani Iro fabric I was very jealous!  It was just so soft and dreamy.  And the woodblock print just spoke to me.  I just couldn’t get over it, so I ordered some more for myself.  Before it arrived, I thought maybe I’d make myself a shirt with it,Continue reading “Nani Iro Maxi Skirt For Summer”

Pixie Strip Skirt Pattern Review

With great delight and a little sadness, we present you the final skirt in this edition of All The Skirts: Jocole & Urban Sew!  The Pixie Strip Skirt is such a fun skirt that we can’t possibly be sad for long!  And to make it even more fun, we used Heather Ross’s Far Far AwayContinue reading “Pixie Strip Skirt Pattern Review”

Double Layer Ruffle Skirt Pattern Review

The Double Layer Ruffle Skirt from Jocole is another skirt with limitless possibilities!  With three places to mix and match fabrics, there are so many different looks you could make.   Plain on top with a patterned fabric underneath.  Floral on top and bottom.  Plain on top and bottom with patterned fabric in the middleContinue reading “Double Layer Ruffle Skirt Pattern Review”

Circle Skirt Tutorial using Narrow Fabric

If you find a circle skirt tutorial on the internet, it will probably require you to use 60” wide fabric.  This makes sense because when you actually make a circle skirt, you cut a circle in the center for the waistband, and a wider circle using the whole width of the fabric for the length ofContinue reading “Circle Skirt Tutorial using Narrow Fabric”

Girl’s Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt Review

Maxi skirts on little girls are about as cute as it gets!  It’s sort of like mini me.  Cuteness from head to toe!  This is the Jocole Yoga A-line Skirt in the maxi length for girls.  And the girl’s Yoga A-line Skirt has so many options…true to form for a Jocole pattern.  There are 12Continue reading “Girl’s Jocole Yoga A-Line Skirt Review”

Knit Pencil Skirt Review

We’re back with another awesome Jocole skirt made with wonderful Urban Sew knit fabric.  This week we sewed up the Jocole Knit Pencil Skirt.  This skirt just emphasizes what we’ve been saying all along about Jocole skirt patterns; good, basic, comfortable, wardrobe builders.  The Jocole Knit Pencil Skirt gives you every possible fitting option toContinue reading “Knit Pencil Skirt Review”

Behind the Bubbles!

We are breathlessly delighted to be among the top 10 final contestants in the Project Run & Play bubble dress tutorial sew along.  We’d be extremely grateful if you click on this link to view all 10 contestants and vote for your favorite look.  (Ours?!?)  And we promised a behind the scenes glimpse into ourContinue reading “Behind the Bubbles!”

Bouncing Bubble Skirt Review

Serendipity.  When 2 things combine and make one perfect combination, that’s serendipity. Jocole Bouncing Bubble skirt pattern and Urban Sew’s Wee Wander fabric. Project Run & Play’s bubble tutorial sew along and the Jocole Bouncing Bubble skirt pattern. Floating bubbles and flitting fireflies.  Serendipity!  We ended up making 5 pieces for our final look.  TheContinue reading “Bouncing Bubble Skirt Review”