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Sewing with PDF Patterns, A Beginner’s Guide

Lately I’ve been using a lot of PDF patterns. One big reason is the convenience, but as I’ve used them I’ve discovered more advantages than just being able to print them out from my home! Convenience = This was the first reason I started using PDF patterns.  I live over an hour away from theContinue reading “Sewing with PDF Patterns, A Beginner’s Guide”

Girl’s Josephine Blouse and Dress Modified Outfit

We are so pleased to present you our version of the Josephine blouse pattern by Violet Fields Threads. We started with the Josephine blouse and dress pattern because we were inspired by Frances & Suzanne’s Flip this Pattern contest.  The contestants are sewing some amazing creations, and we wanted to sew along.  The things weContinue reading “Girl’s Josephine Blouse and Dress Modified Outfit”