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Rayon Challis vs Viscose Poplin

Today I’m exploring the difference between rayon and viscose, and between challis and poplin.  In all the pictures, the rayon challis fabric is on the left and the viscose poplin fabric is on the right. So what exactly is the difference between rayon challis and viscose poplin?  That was a question in my mind, forContinue reading “Rayon Challis vs Viscose Poplin”

Key Largo Tops for Summer

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Summer of the Phoenix {Blouse} programming to bring you these Key Largo Tops. With as much as we love the Key Largo Top pattern by Hey June Patterns it was bound to happen! It came about because Aria wanted (and needed) some new tops for nicer occasions. And because she tried onContinue reading “Key Largo Tops for Summer”