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Summer Weight Wool Maxi Skirt

Have you ever sewn with summer weight wool?  This skirt was our 1st time sewing with it, and our review.  We used the Fumeterre Skirt pattern from Deer and Doe to sew with our summer weight wool. Summer weight wool is much lighter than regular wool.  It seems like it might have a slightly looserContinue reading “Summer Weight Wool Maxi Skirt”

2 Blue Cheyenne Tunics {Selfish Sewing Week: Day 2}

It’s been pretty well established that I love to sew button up shirts.  So when Adrianna from Hey June Handmade, one of my favorite Indie pattern companies, published the Cheyenne Tunic, I had to sew it as soon as possible!  Because I knew it was going to be awesome, I chose some pretty special fabricsContinue reading “2 Blue Cheyenne Tunics {Selfish Sewing Week: Day 2}”

Girl’s Voile Maxi Skirt

Moving along to the next piece in our Modern Chloris mini wardrobe collection, we come to the voile maxi skirt.  This skirt is from our 2nd look, Aquatic Countryside.  Annie, our Modern Chloris, wore this boat neck top and voile maxi skirt layered over the tankini we made for this look. We used the PaneledContinue reading “Girl’s Voile Maxi Skirt”