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How to Make a Skirt from a Pants Pattern

When Hey June Patterns released their Seaforth Pants pattern, we could tell in one glance that it was an amazingly comfortable and cute pattern.  But you know the deal around here…we LOVE skirts!  So we set about changing that pattern to suit us.  Today we’ll show you how to make a skirt from a pantsContinue reading “How to Make a Skirt from a Pants Pattern”

Wednesday Willamette Shirt

As part of Hey June June, I sewed a Willamette Shirt.  The hosts and I have declared every Wednesday in June “Willamette Wednesday” and we’re wearing our Willamette Shirts.  The problem is that I only have one Willamette Shirt!  (See it here) Since I’m hosting a sew along every week of a different Hey JuneContinue reading “Wednesday Willamette Shirt”

Willamette Shirt Review

Yesterday Adrianna Appl of Hey June Handmade released the Willamette Shirt.  It’s a boxy dolman popover shirt with several different options for sewing.  I made view A with sleeve cuffs.  There are also options for a cropped version or one with a waist seam and color blocking options. The Willamette Shirt can be made inContinue reading “Willamette Shirt Review”