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Wool Quart Coat

This is probably the most complex project I’ve done in a while, maybe ever.  The Quart Coat is a unique coat pattern from Pauline Alice.  My daughter has been searching for the perfect coat for her 6 foot tall frame for quite a while, and finally found what she was looking for with the QuartContinue reading “Wool Quart Coat”

Summer Weight Wool Maxi Skirt

Have you ever sewn with summer weight wool?  This skirt was our 1st time sewing with it, and our review.  We used the Fumeterre Skirt pattern from Deer and Doe to sew with our summer weight wool. Summer weight wool is much lighter than regular wool.  It seems like it might have a slightly looserContinue reading “Summer Weight Wool Maxi Skirt”

Wool Tweed Molly Jacket

If you’ve been around Skirt Fixation for a while, you know that I love sewing coats.  Well, much to my delight, Annie outgrew her coat from last winter.  You see, I had the perfect pattern and the perfect fabric just waiting for that very thing. A while back I found the Molly jacket pattern byContinue reading “Wool Tweed Molly Jacket”

Skirt FACTSination: Wool History: Fabric Series

To continue our ‘Fabric’ series, today’s Skirt Factsination post is titled Fabric: Wool. Wool history is hard to track down since wool has been around as long as animals have!  Wool is a fiber that we most commonly associate with coming from sheep, but can come from many different animals. For example; cashmere and mohairContinue reading “Skirt FACTSination: Wool History: Fabric Series”