Bookish Beanie Pattern

We’re delighted to announce the release of the next Project Run & Play pattern collaboration, Project Lounge Library!  There are 11 garment patterns in this collection, and 2 of them are designed by Audrey!  The Bookish Beanie and the Prose and Poetry Cargo Joggers and Skirt pattern bring to fruition some really delightful designs that were floating around in my head for some time.  The whole collection is based on comfort (for the Lounge part) and inspired by books (for the Library part!)

Be sure to head over to see the entire collection while it’s on sale during launch week!  Special thanks to Kalli June Photography for the beautiful photography of my kids in this post.

As usual, we had SO MUCH FUN working with the group of designers to create this collection.  We’ve been sewing up a storm, and will share what we’ve sewed over the next few weeks.  In fact, we managed to sew every single pattern in the collection, and contribute 2 photo stories for the lookbook.  But since the lookbook won’t release until November 30th, we’ll share more about those after we share about each of the patterns.  Here’s a secret though: their titles are Never Leaving Neverland, and Ode to Eric Carle.

Project Lounge Library sewing patterns from Project Run & Play

Today we’ll review the Bookish Beanie pattern.  It’s baaaaaaaack!  Everyone’s favorite slouchy beanie pattern is back!  You might remember that several years ago we released a reversible slouchy beanie pattern under the Savvy Patterns label.  When we closed that shop (because there simply aren’t enough hours in the day!) this fun reversible beanie pattern disappeared with it.  But since it’s such a GREAT pattern and fits almost every head out there, we were looking for an excuse to bring it back.  Project Lounge Library, the new lounge wardrobe collection from Project Run & Play was the perfect opportunity.

Besides a new name, the Bookish Beanie pattern got a few updates to make it even better than it was before!  The way the beanie is constructed is different which results in a cleaner finish.  There are several other technical changes to the pattern, and it was retested too by a couple amazing testers.  The beautiful cover model is the daughter of my friend, Candice Ayala.

Project Lounge Library sewing patterns from Project Run & Play

I sewed up some new Bookish Beanies for my kids, and they’ve let me know that they each need a few more.  Kids!  Good thing it comes in all sizes, right?  For our Never Leaving Neverland photoshoot, I sewed a Bookish Beanie for Lowell who is playing the part of the pirate Smee.  Because all pirates wear beanies, right?

Project Lounge Library sewing patterns from Project Run & Play

The fabric for the pirate Bookish Beanie is organic cotton jersey from Hawthorne Supply Co.  One side is Radiate in Winter Freeze fabric and the other side is Tundra Stripe in Winter Freeze fabric.  Frankly I’m quite envious of this softer than soft beanie, and want one in adult size!

Project Lounge Library sewing patterns from Project Run & Play

The other Bookish Beanie we sewed was for the Ode to Eric Carle photoshoot.  One side of this hat is white stretch cotton french terry from CaliFabrics and the other side is Art Gallery Fabric cat nap cotton jersey fabric. (affiliate link)  It is divinely soft and I want it too!  This one was sewn for Tina, because she’s the queen of pink kitty fabric, apparently!

Overall, we’re delighted to have this fun reversible beanie pattern out in the world again!  And at the extremely LOW price point, you can’t go wrong!

Grab the Bookish Beanie pattern here in the Project Run & Play shop.

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