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Skirt FACTSination: Wool History: Fabric Series

wool history

To continue our ‘Fabric’ series, today’s Skirt Factsination post is titled Fabric: Wool. Wool history is hard to track down since wool has been around as long as animals have!  Wool is a fiber that we most commonly associate with coming from sheep, but can come from many different animals. For example; cashmere and mohair from goats, qiviut from musk oxen, angora from rabbits, etc, etc. Wool is special because it is crimped, elastic, and grows in clusters. These qualities make it easy to spin, and make the finished products retain heat and have a larger bulk than other fabrics. This makes wool a great winter skirt fabric! Other kinds of fabric also come from wool, such as felt and tweed. We found four great wool skirts on Pinterest that we wish we had now – its been snowing lately!

wool history

1.  The wool maxi skirt.

Tartan and plaid seem to be trends on wool skirts, possibly stemming from kilts………..??? Anyway, this is a really cute skirt, looks very holiday/wintery without looking so ‘Christmasy’ that you can’t wear it at any other time 🙂 We love maxi skirts, and wool ones are the best! I think that this would be cute with a red sweater and black boots for the holidays.

wool history

2.  The wool midi skirt.

Yep, you know me, I had to add one vintage skirt 🙂 Gray also seems to be a trend among wool skirts, and I love the style on this very chicly vintage skirt! I feels kind of sailorish to me, what with the buttons on the side, the high waist, and the big pleats! I would wear this with a blousy white shirt, a red narrow belt, and black vintage heels.

wool history

3.  The classic pleated wool skirt.

This skirt is just an ordinary pleated wool skirt, but it differs from others of the species in its coloring. I like the more summery colors on the gray background, which gives it a kind of unique air. A white large-ribbed sweater and some Keds would look good with this.

wool history

4.  The wool pencil skirt.

Ooooh! I just love this skirt! The pencil-striped pattern give it a very business-woman air, but the asymmetricalness gives it a cute unexpected pop! I would wear black heels, and a white shirt with a black sweater to complement this lovely skirt!

Hope you enjoyed our wool history!  Leave us a comment regarding your favorite wool skirt, or your planned holiday outfit!

Always be Exciting,


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