Selfish Sewing Week: Audrey {Part 1}

This week all of the adult sized people at Skirt Fixation are participating in Selfish Sewing Week!  You will see lots of sewing, skirts, and adult sized creations!  Today Audrey walks the catwalk…

Walks the catwalk, ha!  During the photoshoot I was trying not to sink into the muddy ground in Allegra’s heels!  But I’m getting ahead of myself…

For Selfish Sewing Week, I started with a skirt; from Jocole, of course!  This is the Jocole knit pencil skirt pattern.  You see, I found the most delightful scuba knit fabric from JoAnn’s.  Envious of Allegra’s Jocole knit pencil skirt, I whipped up one for myself.  Since that was completed so fast, I had time to sew up something else.

Well, you’ll notice the title says part 1.  That’s because the first thing I sewed up to wear with this skirt didn’t pass Mr. Skirt Fixation’s inspection.  He liked it, but just not with this skirt!  So at his suggestion, I went hunting for a cardigan pattern.  I found the perfect one over at Peekaboo Pattern Shop in the form of their Cambridge Cardigan.  The only piece of the puzzle left was to find the perfect sweater knit.  I hunted and hunted and finally found the one I wanted on Amazon.

That’s right, Amazon sells fabric too.  Or to put it more correctly, fabric purveyors also sell their wares through Amazon sometimes.  This is a Hatchi Sweater Jersey Knit in a floral print, and it is very soft and easy to work with.  Plus drop dead gorgeous!

The Cambridge Cardigan was an absolute treat to sew up.  Just a few pattern pieces, easy directions, and professional results.  This Cardigan is not only comfortable and warm, but flattering!  This is not your standard, baggy boyfriend cut cardigan; nope, this one is made all for the woman in you!

Well, those two pieces needed a layering piece, which I found the perfect match in the Renfrew from Sewaholic.  I made a cowl neck with short sleeves because I wanted it to be a layering piece with out the bulk of two sleeves yet having a little something extra on top.  Success!

And I can’t wait to make some more versions of the Renfrew.  The white knit fabric came from Girl Charlee as part of their Bargain lots sale, but I have yet to find anything wrong with it.

As I mentioned earlier, during the photo shoot, I had trouble keeping from sinking into the mud with my heels!  Therefore I strategically cropped quite a few of these photos to edit out the awkward leg poses!  Ah, March…in like a lion; we’re waiting for the lamb!

Sew My Stash 2015 reality check: I bought the Cambridge Cardigan fabric especially for this outfit, but the other fabrics had sat in my stash for quite a while!

Sewn by Skirt Fixation*The links to Peekaboo Patterns in this post are affiliate links.  That means we’re excited to partner with them because we love the professional results enabled by their patterns.  And if you click through our link to buy one of these patterns yourself, we might make a little money too!

Come back tomorrow to see Part 2!

Published by skirtfixation

Audrey, a mom of 9, sews and blogs at Skirt Fixation, your home for everything skirt related! There's lots of other sewing goodness too...after all can't leave the boys out of sewing adventures! She also designs and sells pattern through Project Run & Play.

7 thoughts on “Selfish Sewing Week: Audrey {Part 1}

  1. This outfit looks SO classy, and oh my, a cardigan with long enough sleeves?? Simply heaven… You look ready to step out to a concert for sure in that outfit. 😉 Awesome job by a classy lady!


  2. Hello Audrey!
    I’m really interested in a piece your wrote about the difference between sweatshirt fleece and french terry for the califabrics blog However I was confused — I may have missed it, but I’m not sure I saw any indication of which swatch was which fabric. Otherwise this was a super helpful article, and I’d love to be certain I’m visually identifying the swatches correctly.
    Lisa in Olympia, WA


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