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The Summer of the Phoenix Blouse

One of my favorite pattern designers did it again!  Yes, she released a new pattern (the Phoenix Blouse,) yes it’s amazing, yes, it fits great.  But the thing I’m referring to is that she made me try a new style again!   The Phoenix Blouse by Hey June Patterns is a cute a causal bohoContinue reading “The Summer of the Phoenix Blouse”

Pattern Suggestions for 1 Year Old Capsule Wardrobe

Baby grew as babies do, and it was time for a new capsule wardrobe!  I learned a few things from her 1st capsule wardrobe, and wanted a change of color scheme.  Plus now I know she’s a girl and not a boy and could take full advantage of cute girl styles! First I drew outContinue reading “Pattern Suggestions for 1 Year Old Capsule Wardrobe”

Girl’s Ombre Maxi Skirt

It’s been a while since I sewed Annie a maxi skirt.  As fast as she’s growing, the last maxi skirt I made her wasn’t maxi for very long either!  So it was time to keep the maxi skirt love alive and growing.  She fell in love with my ombre maxi skirt last year, and weContinue reading “Girl’s Ombre Maxi Skirt”

The Little Peasant Girl {Living Skirt Art}

It’s time for our very popular Living Skirt Art series.  Be sure to visit our TWO guests (sneak peeks at the end of this post) for their fabulous works of living skirt art!  You will feel like you are walking through an art gallery! When we first saw The Little Peasant Girl by Heinrich Hirt,Continue reading “The Little Peasant Girl {Living Skirt Art}”

Girl’s Outfit details from Nothing But (k)Net

 And now we come to the girl look for our Project Run & Play inspired Nothing But (k)Net look.  Which is actually where we started the whole thing!  But first, here’s the summary of the look: Big Sister outfit: Cardigan Pattern: Violette Field Threads Gretchen cardigan Cardigan Fabric: Navy Jersey from Raspberry Creek Fabrics (soldContinue reading “Girl’s Outfit details from Nothing But (k)Net”

Syrah VS A-line Yoga {Skirt VS Skirt}

Now you may be saying; “Hold up, we ain’t in wit’ this.  In this here day and age, we know it be destructive to compare women’s bodies or skirts or whatev. We’s ALL beautiful.”  That’s definitely true.  However, just think of the Jocole’s Yoga A-line skirt and Baste + Gather’s Syrah skirt as friends whoContinue reading “Syrah VS A-line Yoga {Skirt VS Skirt}”

Pajama Pants (Sorry, no skirts today!)

Tis the season to make pajamas!  Last year I made pajama pants for (almost) all of my kids, and this year I decided to treat myself to some new pajamas. When you are a 6 foot tall woman, pajama pants that fit just don’t exist unless you’re willing to put forth some large amounts ofContinue reading “Pajama Pants (Sorry, no skirts today!)”

Striped Pencil Skirt {Buy or DIY Skirt}

Today we have another Buy or DIY post for you, which shows you solid evidence for making your own clothes! (Especially skirts- love them!) Details: Skirt: Bergdorf Goodman ‘A.L.C. Marilyn Striped Knit Pencil Skirt’ Fabric Recommendation: Riley Blake Knit 1/2” Stripes Black Fabric Pattern Recommendation: Jocole Ladies’ Knit Pencil Skirt Math: Bergdorf Goodman skirt: $130Continue reading “Striped Pencil Skirt {Buy or DIY Skirt}”

Jocole Peplum Top Review

In my last post, I mentioned the Summer Capsule Wardrobe.  This event is being hosted by Becca over at Free Notion.  The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to have a small number of clothing items that you love and wear often.  No more closet stuffed full of clothing and feeling like you have nothingContinue reading “Jocole Peplum Top Review”

Pixie Strip Skirt Pattern Review

With great delight and a little sadness, we present you the final skirt in this edition of All The Skirts: Jocole & Urban Sew!  The Pixie Strip Skirt is such a fun skirt that we can’t possibly be sad for long!  And to make it even more fun, we used Heather Ross’s Far Far AwayContinue reading “Pixie Strip Skirt Pattern Review”