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French Terry Pajamas

French Terry Pajamas sewn by Skirt Fixation

And we’re back!  In the next few weeks we get to reveal some really big projects we’ve been working on, and we’re so excited.  So stay tuned…

Today we’re sharing some french terry pajamas!  Because there was quite a lot of pj time over the past few weeks with holidays, non-school days, and even some sick-ish, lounging around days.  So we were very glad to have brand new, comfortable pajamas for these days!

French Terry Pajamas sewn by Skirt Fixation

Back in the fall, I bought some of the VERY popular oatmeal french terry fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  And to go with it, I got some limited printing autumn floral rose fabric.  I knew exactly what I wanted to sew with these fabrics (for once!) and just needed an opening in my sewing queue.  (This floral is gone now, but check out everything else printed on the luscious oatmeal french terry base!)

French Terry Pajamas sewn by Skirt Fixation

With the autumn floral rose french terry (which is printed on the oatmeal french terry base) I sewed myself a Halifax Hoodie, view D.  I used the oatmeal for the pocket and the cowl.  Let me assure you, this hoodie is as comfortable as it looks.  And then some!  For the pull tie in the cowl, I used some 3/16” “magic rope” I have in my sewing room, and it’s the perfect match.

French Terry Pajamas sewn by Skirt Fixation

With the main part of the oatmeal fabric, I sewed myself a pair of Hudson Pants.  This pattern is by True Bias, and I’m probably the last person in the sewing community to make myself a pair.  But hey, I’ve been focused on skirts!

French Terry Pajamas sewn by Skirt Fixation

Before cutting into the good oatmeal french terry fabric, I made  muslin from some cotton jersey from Girl Charlee.  For giggles, above is the before and after photo of my pre-muslin adjustments to the pattern piece.  Because the pattern designer helpfully included the finished inseam as 28” and mine is 36”, I knew I had to add 8” to start with!  It’s not a good idea to add all the length at the bottom hem, so I added 3” in the thigh, 3” at the calf, and 2” at the hem.  After sewing the muslin, I decided I also needed to add 1.5” to the rise at the top of the pants.  The oatmeal Hudson Pants are just a little too long, but I figure with wash and wear they might shrink, and I’m NOT going to complain about extra length!

French Terry Pajamas sewn by Skirt Fixation

The waistband of the Hudson Pants are so comfortable, and I used the same “magic rope” for the drawstring here as well.

French Terry Pajamas sewn by Skirt Fixation

Now it’s been established that as the Fabric Scrooge, I like to use up the leftover scraps!  With the leftover floral french terry fabric, I sewed some Oliver + S Parachute Pants for Annie.  She really needed new pajama pants, and she says they are the most comfortable pair she’s ever had!  I made her a size 10 width, and a size 12 for length.

French Terry Pajamas sewn by Skirt Fixation

It turns out that a size 8 for width would have been better, but I fixed it by adding a drawstring to the waist, just like mine.

French Terry Pajamas sewn by Skirt Fixation

And since there were tiny little scraps of the floral french terry left, Baby got a tiny pair of size 12-18 month Parachute Polo Pants too!  The floral fabric is on the side contrast stripes, and the main fabric is leftover from Annie’s Ila Dress.

French Terry Pajamas sewn by Skirt Fixation

Baby is wildly adorable in them, and she happened to be wearing them the other night when the below video happened!  Not even 10 months, and already racing to keep up with all her older siblings.

Leave us a comment below, what do you wear on lounging around days?  How early did your baby walk?

Some affiliate links are used in this post to products we think are amazing!  If you click through one of them, we might make a few pennies, at no extra cost to you!

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2 thoughts on “French Terry Pajamas

  1. I love the look of all the versions of the pajamas, and to see that baby walking!! Our earliest walker was AR at 10 months, the others were 12-14 months, and TG the latest at 18 months!! Perhaps ironically, TG was also our earliest one to potty train, at 21 months! Hooray!


  2. Love all the p.j’s. They look so inviting & comfy. I have visions of books & blankets dancing in my head! Yep, that baby walking beat my earliest walker (her mom) by about a month!! 🙂


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