Introducing the Stoplight Skirt

Meet my newest pattern, the Stoplight Skirt! I designed this skirt for the Project Street Style pattern collection with Project Run & Play. It’s making all my girls’ skirt dreams come true!

The Stoplight Skirt offers 3 views: Full Stop maxi, She’s A Caution midi, and Girl on the Go pencil skirt. Perfect for every girl, no matter her taste in skirts.
Girl on the Go pencil skirt is one she’ll grab for everyday style.
She’s A Caution midi has an a-line shape with some special gathered details.
Full Stop maxi has a curve hugging fit with a twirly finish, sure to bring traffic to a halt!

I sewed up quite a few versions of the Stoplight Skirt for Annie and Tina during pattern development and testing. They won’t need new skirts for quite a while, actually! Most of the versions I sewed them used scrap fabric (hello sew my stash goals!) But then we needed some special versions of the Stoplight Skirt.

With every Project Run & Play collaboration, we create a lookbook for inspiration and to help potential customers see what the patterns look like when sewn up. (See the Stoplight Skirt on the far right!!??!!) Since the theme for this one is Street Style, we all had so much fun following the theme. We sewed up a whole bunch of clothes (we’ll attempt to share them in the coming days) and did two epic photo shoots.

Our first photo shoot is titled Neon Glow. We found a fun mural wall to stand in front of, and sewed up some clothes from the Project Street Style pattern collection to wear.

Our loose story line was that these kids were the mural artists, but really they were having so much fun being the cool kids, we didn’t really need a story to act out!

For the Neon Glow photo shoot, I sewed up a Full Stop maxi skirt for Annie. She’s already worn this skirt a bunch of times because it goes with pretty much everything in her wardrobe!

The other photo shoot we did for this collection we named Railroad Runway. We found some abandoned trains and tracks and had our own little fashion show!

In these photos, Annie is wearing the Girl on the Go pencil skirt version of the Runway Skirt. She’s become a pencil skirt lover (especially if they have shorts attached!) since I sewed her one with Project Nature Adventure fabric.

Funny little story…the Girl on the Go pencil skirt version came about because of a mistake on that Project Nature Adventure skirt. The truth of the matter is that I cut a size too small for Annie to wear, and didn’t have any more fabric to make her a new one!!! Enter the fun side panel detail that eventually became the Girl on the Go pencil skirt!

For the Railroad Runway look, I used  Artisan Stripe in Raisin fabric from Hawthorne Supply Co. because it’s so pretty, but also because I wanted to play with the stripe direction on the side panels. This fabric is organic jersey, and will last a long, long time! It’s really soft and Annie has worn this skirt already 3 times since I sewed it last week!

Tina is wearing the She’s a Caution midi view of the Stoplight Skirt in the Railroad Runway photos. The fabric is stretch velvet, and she simply adores wearing it! She pets this skirt constantly!

Just for cuteness sake, here’s one of the Full Stop maxi versions of the Stoplight Skirt I sewed for Tina, so you can see what it looks like on a toddler. The skirt can be sewn in sizes 1-14.

Head over to Project Run & Play to see lots of tester versions of the Stoplight Skirt.

All these patterns are on SALE during release week (October 14-20) for 20% off!  Or you can buy them bundled for an even bigger discount.   Save over 30% by purchasing these patterns together in this bundle!

Buy the whole Project Street Style Collection here.

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