Maternity Skirt Refashion – Revealing Mini to Modest Maxi

denim mini maternity skirt

Today we have an announcement.  A little announcement.  Or a very large announcement…depending on what side of the belly you are on!  We are going to have a new little arrival in the spring!  Allegra, Aria and Annie are crossing their fingers that it’s a girl because they want to sew little, tiny, cute, pink skirts!  So there is now a new category on this blog, maternity skirts because we are branching out into a new area, maternity skirt refashions.

maternity skirt refashion

We started with…you guessed it, a denim mini!  This one is a maternity denim mini I found at a second hand store for $4.00.  Now I have a little confession I’d like to make before we continue; I get varicose veins and spider veins in my legs when I’m pregnant.  Both of them.  Everywhere.  So bad that if I were to dress up for Halloween I wouldn’t need any makeup to scare little kids!  I’m sort of known to be an opinionated female, but exposing my legs during pregnancy to get everyone to accept my condition isn’t one of my hills to die on!  So short, leg-baring maternity skirts are not an option for me.  I like to save little children from harmful events, that’s why I eat all the cookies they over-decorate during the holidays.

over decorated cookies

And I try to spare mothers from having to answer embarrassing questions.  Like the time Aria, at 5 years old, pointed to a very, very large lady and asked me in a stage whisper, “Mom, does that lady have elephantitus?”  Now where on earth did she come up with that?  The good news is that for me these image-scarring veins go away as soon as I give birth!  Thank you for listening…we will now return to our regularly scheduled refashion.

maternity skirt refashion

The other skirt we used for this maternity skirt refashion was a Aeropostle skirt we got at Goodwill for $2.50.  It was a too large for any of us, and Allegra thought the three layers of brown and black were a little too folksy looking.

Step 1: Cut off top of Aeropostle skirt just above black tier.

Step 2: Fold under lining at top of black tier ¼ inch and iron.

Step 3: Sew black layer over top of denim mini, being sure to catch the lining underneath.

denim mini maternity skirt

That’s it!  Easy, modest, and best of all hides my legs!  No more children running away screaming!

denim mini maternity skirt

Total Time: 25 minutes

Total Cost: $6.50

Talent Level: Beginning Seamstress

Modest maternity skirt refashion

What do you think?  Be sure to vote in the poll and leave us a comment or two in the comment section.

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Make it beautiful,


P.S. You might have fun checking out our new maternity skirt board on Pinterest too!

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