The Runway Skirt {pattern release}

The Runway Skirt pattern

Today I get to announce a new arrival!  The Runway Skirt is my first sewing pattern, and I’m so excited to share it with you today.  If you’re looking for that special skirt to sew for your holiday events, The Runway Skirt is waiting for you!  You can buy the Runway Skirt at Savvy Patterns.

The Runway Skirt pattern

The Runway Skirt is a vintage inspired skirt in three lengths designed to draw the eyes of all you glide past.  The pattern testers are sure you will be amazed by the number of compliments you receive while wearing the Runway Skirt!  Let’s talk about the three lengths.

Runway Skirt Pattern by Savvy Patterns

Being that the Runway Skirt is designed by me, a 6 foot tall woman, the maxi skirt WILL sweep the floor.  Don’t worry, if you’re not 6 feet tall, there are 5 different lengths to choose from, from 40” – 45” plus directions on how to adjust the length if you need.  This length skirt will be perfect for the upcoming holiday parties where you want to make a smashing impression!  (Because it’s made from knit (or stretch woven) fabrics, no one will guess how comfortable you are!)  The abundance of godets in the back (7 in all!) make sure you swish and sweep everywhere you go.

Runway Skirt by Savvy Patterns

The midi length (4 lengths to chose from 30”-33”) is perfect for both formal and casual events.  With 5 godets in the back, this length is comfortable, stylish and feminine all wrapped up in one.

Runway Skirt by Savvy Patterns

The Runway Skirt also can be made in 4 knee lengths from 23” – 26”.  Flirty and fun, this length holds true to it’s vintage roots with 5 godets also.  As with all lengths, prepare for compliments!

Runway Skirt by Savvy Patterns

The Runway Skirt is graceful yet comfortable because it is made from knit/stretchable fabrics.  A medium weight knit is recommended and easiest to work with although stretch woven fabrics can also be used.  When constructing the skirt from knit fabrics, the invisible zipper is optional, though required with stretch woven.   The star of the show on all lengths are the lightweight godets in the back swishing in your wake.  There is a multitude of fabrics to choose from to make the godets; chiffon, viole, rayon challis, crepe de chine, organza, and so on!  Oh, and if you’ve had a difficult time sewing with these lightweight fabrics in the past, don’t worry, the pattern is packed with tips and instructions to make your experience easier!

Runway Skirt by Savvy Patterns

The Runway Skirt can be made in 14 different sizes from 00 (23” waist 33” hip) to 24 (44’ waist 54” hip.)  The fit is the same across all sizes, perfect in the waist with looser, more vintage ease through the hips.  Instructions for adjusting to a more modern (va-va-voom!) fit are included in the instructions.

Runway Skirt by Savvy Patterns

The Runway Skirt is designed to be the ultimate feminine skirt.  Buy the Runway Skirt at Savvy Patterns, our new shop.  The Runway Skirt can also be purchased at UpCraft Club.  What are you waiting for?  It’s time to get sewing!

Finally, a VERY special thanks to all my fabulous, helpful, thorough pattern testers.  Without them the Runway Skirt would not be what it is!  Next week I will share many more of the testers photos.  And also, I am deeply indebted to Teronia and The Bee and Allegra for their gorgeous modeling on the cover of The Runway Skirt.

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