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Simple Maxi Skirt Pattern Review

Yesterday when I showed you my new Simple Knit Pencil Skirt and Union St. Tee, I forgot to tell you the back story.  Originally I had planned a much different outfit for the Skirt-A-Thon!  So today I’m sharing what really happened. My first plan was to sew the pencil skirt and pair it with aContinue reading “Simple Maxi Skirt Pattern Review”

Simple Knit Pencil Skirt Pattern Review

When our good friends over at Simple Simon & Company were looking for makers for their Skirt-A-Thon, you can bet we jumped at the opportunity!  Who wouldn’t want a simple knit pencil skirt or two in their wardrobe? The Simple Knit Pencil Skirt Pattern by Simple Simon & Co. is the perfect pencil skirt patternContinue reading “Simple Knit Pencil Skirt Pattern Review”

Simple Leggings Pattern Review

Annie was feeling uninspired about modeling for this photo shoot, so I told her to try out different poses with an “s” theme.  I’d call out a word (silly, spunky, sweet, spoiled, shy, sassy, etc.) and she’d try the pose.  I’ll leave it to you to guess which ones she is representing in the photos! It wasContinue reading “Simple Leggings Pattern Review”